Can XRAY Be Done With Plaster?

In addition, x-rays can “see through” fiberglass better than through plaster.

This is important because your doctor will probably schedule additional x-rays after your splint or cast has been applied.

X-rays can show whether the bones are healing well or have moved out of place.

Can XRAY be done with cast on?

Fiberglass casts.

Also, X-rays penetrate fiberglass casts better than plaster casts — making it easier for your doctor to examine your child’s bones while he or she is still wearing the cast.

How long should a plaster cast stay on?

about six weeks

Can you walk with a plaster cast?

Plaster casts

Do not put weight on your newly casted leg for 48 hours, which is the appropriate time needed for the plaster to dry. Use your crutches! If you are given a boot for your cast, wear it whenever you are walking. Failure to do so, even for short periods of time, can cause your cast to crack and soften.

How is a plaster cast removed?

The cast is taken off with a small electrical saw. The saw cuts through the cast material but stops before it touches the skin.