Quick Answer: Does Spanx Really Make A Difference?


It certainly does work.

Spanx can really make you look five to ten, even fifteen pounds lighter.

And these days Spanx even makes swimwear and swimsuits (along with Spanx for men)!

Are Spanx any good?

NO good for low cut/strappy things though. Spanx are great! Got power panties, leggings, mama and mama tights! If they roll down – YOU HAVE GOT THE WRONG SIZE.19 May 2013

What is the best Spanx for tummy control?

  • Yummie Tummy Control Shaping Shortie.
  • Yummie Tummy Control Thong Shapewear.
  • Commando Lower Tummy Control Classic Short Shaper.
  • Commando Tummy Control High Waisted Briefs Shapewear.
  • Yummie Ultralight Seamless High Waist Brief Panty.
  • Squeem Seductive Open Bust Tummy Control Bodysuit Vest.

What is the difference between Spanx and Assets by Spanx?

Spanx offers a wide line of products for women. This line includes full body shapers, bras and panties, swimsuits, pantyhose, leggings, and men’s shaping undergarments. Assets offers primarily pantyhose, leggings, body shapers of varying styles, and panties. Inherently, Spanx garments are more expensive.

What do Spanx do to your body?

Spanx offers a variety of garments, including bodysuits, shaping panties, camis and other styles, each designed to target and enhance different areas of the body. Tummy sculpting power: Spanx shapers use a bonded tummy panel to flatten your tummy and give you a smooth midsection.31 Mar 2016

Should you buy Spanx a size smaller?

SPANX TIP: Always choose your Spanx according to your CURRENT SIZE, not what you would like it to be. This is where most people go wrong with buying Spanx. They usually buy it in too small a size. This DOES NOT make you look any smaller.17 May 2017

Do Spanx work for muffin top?

High Waist Control Panties by Spanx 2746 smooths your silhouette and prevents muffin top underneath skirts, dresses, work attire or your everyday outfits. Support panels across the abdomen keep muffin top in check, while a seamless design makes this garment invisible under clothes.26 Dec 2018