Quick Answer: How Do You Cover Tile In A Shower?

If it’s the tile color or pattern that’s the problem, you can cover it with an epoxy paint.

Do not paint over the grout.

To avoid accidentally doing so, cover grout lines with masking tape before you begin painting.14 Dec 2018

Can tile paint be used in a shower?

Yes, you can paint shower tile, although you’ll get the best results by painting tile in more low-moisture areas of your bathroom, like the backsplash over the sink and tile behind the toilet. The key to properly painting ceramic tile is preparation.

What can I put on my shower walls instead of tiles?

Cement backer board provides a strong and moisture-resistant foundation for shower tile. Do not use drywall. Installing backer board is similar to installing drywall. You don’t need to cover your entire bathroom in backer board, just the wet shower area.

How can I cover my tiles cheaply?


  • Lay down a large area rug to cover unsightly tile flooring.
  • Stick vinyl decals over flooring or a backsplash for a fresh look.
  • Use adhesive carpet tiles to conceal large areas of tiled floor.
  • Apply contact paper to countertops for an easily removable update.

Can you cover tiles?

If your kitchen tiles are an eyesore, consider hiding them. Covering up your tiles is an ideal solution to keep them out of sight. Not only environmentally friendly, these solutions are less costly than tearing the old tiles out and replacing them with new ones.15 Apr 2016