Question: How Do You Polish Porcelain?

Step 1: Take a bucket of water and pour in a tea spoon of mild dish soap.

Take the soft bristle brush or a tooth brush and dip it in to the soapy water.

Scrub the tile in a circular motion.

Step 2: Scrub the floor till the residue is gone from the tile, now wet a cloth and wipe the leftover solution from the tile.30 Jul 2019

How do I make my porcelain tile shine?

Saturate the tile with a vinegar-and-water solution, allowing it to soak for five to ten minutes. Scrub the floor with a soft-bristle brush, again working in two directions. Rinse the floor with hot water in order to thoroughly remove the cleaning solution. Go over the clean porcelain tile floor with a damp mop.

How do you clean high gloss porcelain tiles?


  • Sweep or vacuum loose dirt and dust from the floor. Use an untreated, dry dust mop instead of a broom.
  • Mop the floor with a mild cleaning solution.
  • Rinse the porcelain tiled floor with clean water.
  • Dry carefully to increase the shine and to prevent water spots.

Can you wax porcelain floors?

Porcelain tiles are sealed and don’t require waxing to maintain their beauty. However, if you choose to wax your floor, consult your flooring manufacturer for a wax safe for your floors. A tile- and grout-sealer combination keeps grout looking new, as well.

Does vinegar damage porcelain tile?

While some people recommend using a white vinegar and water solution to clean ceramic and porcelain tiles, experts advise against it, since vinegar is highly acidic and can damage grout and the glaze on your tiles.

Can you use rejuvenate on porcelain tile?

A: The All Floors Restorer and Protectant is a polymer based floor finish and is excellent for all previously sealed surfaces such as ceramic tile, marble, slate, terrazzo, linoleum, no-wax vinyl and fiberglass as well as laminate and hardwood floors.