How Long Does Hardwall Take To Dry?

45-90 minutes

How long does it take bonding to dry?

Bonding about 2-3 hours, but some do leave it to following day before skimming depends on size of area. The 3-4 days is a guide, the colour of the plaster will tell you when it’s dry enough to paint. Need to leave decent time between paint coats, for each to throughly dry before applying the next one.

How do you use a Hardwall?



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How thick should Hardwall plaster be?

Your basecoat plaster should be around 1.5 – 2mm thick, while the finish coat should have a 2 – 3mm thickness.

How much water does a Hardwall need?

a bucket and a quarter of water to a bag of hardwall.

Do I need to PVA plasterboard before skimming?

1. The plasterboard does not need to have any PVA applied – you are fine to just apply the plaster direct. However if the plasterboard is old or you are concerned for any other reason -then applying PVA will not cause any problems. Applying a small amount of plaster to test the suction is always a good idea.

How long does it take for PVA to go tacky?

Nojob Smallenuf New Member. Not a plastering expert but I think the routine is to apply 1 coat of PVA and allow to dry fully i.e. 24 hrs., and then apply second coat of PVA maybe 1 hour or so prior to application of plaster. The second coat should be tacky rather than dry.

What is the difference between bonding and Hardwall?

bonding is a undercoat plaster for low suction background like concrete. hardwall has high impact resistance and is quicker drying.

What is Hardwall used for?

Thistle Hardwall is a gypsum undercoat plaster for use on most masonry. With a final coat of Thistle Multi-Finish, it provides a smooth, inert, high quality surface to internal walls.

How much does a bag of multi finish cover?

Well if you go by the spec a bag of Multi and Board finish will cover 10.25-75 m2 at a coverage of 2mm on Plaster board.

Should I PVA before Hardwall?

Don’t generally need pva for hardwall, just wet the wall, but if very porus, then a thin mix won’t hurt.

What is the mix ratio for plastering?

Mix Ratio of Plaster: Mix ratio mean the ratio of Volume of Cement to the Sand used in the mixture. Plaster of mix ratio 1:4 mean that it contains one part of cement and 4 parts of sand by volume.

Can you use Hardwall on plasterboard?

Hardwall Plaster: Hardwall is similar to Browning except that it offers a higher impact resistance and quicker drying surface. Board Finish: Board finish plaster is used on surfaces with low – medium suction. Plasterboard and Dry-Coat plaster will accept Board Finish well.

Can Hardwall be used on external walls?

Hi this may help but I know that on an internal brick wall and cavity wall you can use Hardwall and skim. On an external wall that is single brick you must use sand and cement. out of line etc Straight walls, pre-mix plaster, hardwall etc or sand and cement(lime aswell). Use multi finish for top coat.

Can you tile onto Hardwall?

If you want a surface to tile, sand and cement is the one, but any sound skimmed surface will do you. You can tile onto hardwall and it will last, and you can get hardwall closed in good enough with fat to help the tiler.

How do you bond plaster?

How to mix up bonding plaster

  • Add the water. Start with a half bucket of clean water poured into the mixing bucket.
  • Add the plaster and mix. Then add the bonding plaster to the bucket and start to mix with the drill and paddle, slowly adding more plaster as you go.
  • Mixing the plaster thoroughly.
  • Take your time.