Quick Answer: Is Silica Bad For The Body?

Inhaling crystalline silica can lead to serious, sometimes fatal illnesses including silicosis, lung cancer, tuberculosis (in those with silicosis), and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

In addition, silica exposure has been linked to other illnesses including renal disease and other cancers.

What does silica do to the human body?

It helps to strengthen the connective tissues of the brain, nerve cells, and spinal cord thereby improving memory and helping to prevent memory loss. Silica also helps stabilize the pancreas’s release of insulin! If you want your nails, skin, and hair to be healthy, turn to silica.

Is silica safe to consume?

The fact that silicon dioxide is found in plants and drinking water suggests it’s safe. Research has shown that the silica we consume through our diets doesn’t accumulate in our bodies. However, the progressive, often fatal lung disease silicosis can occur from chronic inhalation of silica dust.

What are the side effects of silica?

What are the side-effects of taking silica?

  • allergic reactions, for example rash and swelling of the face.
  • upset stomach.
  • hypoglycemia in people with diabetes.

Why is silica bad for you?

The dust created by cutting, grinding, drilling or otherwise disturbing these materials can contain crystalline silica particles. This respirable silica dust causes lung disease and lung cancer. It only takes a very small amount of airborne silica dust to create a health hazard.

Which foods are high in silica?

Good food sources of silica include whole grain bread and pasta, oatmeal, brown rice, oat and wheat bran cereals, bananas, mangos, green beans, spinach, and believe it or not, beer.

How long does it take for silica supplements to work?

4-6 weeks

Can silica damage your kidneys?

Silica is comprised of quartz which is a very common mineral. If you are exposed to silica dust in the workplace, this can cause many chronic health problems including kidney damage and kidney failure. The more you are exposed, the greater the risk.

What is the best silica supplement?

Best Sellers in Silica Mineral Supplements

  1. Swanson Bamboo Extract for Hair and Nails Silica Supplement Supports Collagen 300 mg 60 Veggie…
  2. Now Foods – Silica Complex 90 tabs.
  3. Organic Silicon G5 Liquid Preservative Free 4 X 500ml.
  4. Harmonic Innerprizes Super Silica Plus 120 Veggie Caps.
  5. Thyroid Supplement, 60 Caps.

How do you consume silica?

You can also bolster your intake of silica through your diet by including plenty of dark leafy greens, leeks, green beans, cucumber, celery, and asparagus. But the only way to get enough of the mineral is to supplement.