Quick Answer: Why Is Si O Bond So Strong?

Why is the OO bond weak?

One would expect an O-O bond to be stronger than an S-S bond due to oxygen’s smaller radius, however O-O has a bond energy of 142 kJ/mol compared to the 266 kJ/mol of S-S.

The two oxygen atoms are still stuck in close proximity, with their lone pair electrons repelling each other.


What kind of bond is OO?

OO Bond PolarityElectronegativity (O)3.4Electronegativity (O)3.4Electronegativity Difference0 Non-Polar Covalent = 0 0 < Polar Covalent < 2 Ionic (Non-Covalent) ≥ 2Bond TypeNon-Polar CovalentBond Length1.208 angstroms

What is the weakest bond?

The weakest of the intramolecular bonds or chemical bonds is the ionic bond then polar covalent bond and the strongest is the non-polar covalent bond.

Which bonds are the shortest?

The triple bonds are the strongest and hence the shortest. Then comes double bonds which are of intermediate strength between the triple and single bonds. And finally the single bonds are weaker than the other two. This way, Triple bonds are the shortest.

Why is the FF bond weaker than Cl Cl?

The F — F bond is weaker than expected because of the size of the fluorine atom. … Cl-Cl bond is more stronger than F-F bond because on f2 molecule lone pairs are present which causes more repulsion due to smaller size of fluorine atom in comparison to that of Chlorine atom.

Why is OO bond weaker than SS bond?

O-O single bond is weaker than S-S bond due to smaller size of O as compared to S. Smaller size of O leads to smaller O-O bond length. As a result, the lone pair of electrons on the both the O atoms repel each other leading to instability or weakening of O-O bond.

Which bond is the strongest?

Covalent bondAnswer: Covalent bond is the strongest bond. Answer: There are a variety of ways atoms bond to one another.

Which bond is stronger CC or Si Si?

Bond energies The bond energy for a C-C bond is slightly greater than for a C-O bond, while the Si-O bond is significantly stronger than the Si-Si bond. This difference is reflected in the chemistry of silicon versus carbon compounds.

What bonds are strongest to weakest?

Thus, we will think of these bonds in the following order (strongest to weakest): Covalent, Ionic, Hydrogen, and van der Waals. Also note that in Chemistry, the weakest bonds are more commonly referred to as “dispersion forces.”

Which bond is the longest?

The bond length of carbon-carbon (C-C) in diamonds is 154 pm. The average length of a single carbon-carbon bond is commonly considered, but it is also the highest bond length that occurs for ordinary carbon covalent bonds.

Which bond Below is the shortest?

Bond length : What is bond length ?The bond length of the covalent bond is the nuclear seperation distance where the molecule is most stable. … The bond length show one feature also that is multiple bond is shorter than the corresponding single bond between two atoms: This means the triple bonds are the shortest of all bonds amoung second-row elements.More items…•

Why is Si O bond stronger than CC bond?

Yes, C-C bond has no polarity since the two carbons have the same electronegativity while Si-O bond is slightly polar.