Quick Answer: What Color Night Sights Are Best?

Red color tritium, being not as bright, but also not doing any damage to the night-adapted eye would be the best choice for rears.

Green color tritium, being the brightest and also in the wave-length of highest sensitivity to the night adapted eye would be optimal for the front sight.

What is the best color for gun sights?

Determining the color for the front/rear sight rendered yellow for the rear dots and red for the front sight dot. Although you may paint a pistol sight any color, bright red, yellow and white are best for enhancing visibility. I prefer fluorescent colors as they show up nicely under low light conditions.

What is the best color for fiber optic sights?

The typical green fiber optic is more of a neon green, which is very easily visible. Red or orange fiber optics can also be easily visible, though a brighter shade is preferable. Blaze orange would do very well. That said, so long as it’s easily visibleyou’re good to go.

What are the best night sights for pistols?

If you have the proper tools, you can install these yourself, but professional installation is recommended.

  • Ameriglo Glock Classic Tritium Set, $99.
  • Trijicon GL01 Bright & Tough Night Sight Set, $125.
  • Truglo TFX Pro Tritium/Fiber-optic Day/Night Sights, $186.
  • Meprolight Glock TruDot, $72.80.
  • HiViz NiteSite, $141.95.

Are Trijicon night sights worth it?

Trijicon Night Sight Sets

The bottom line, however, is that they’re worth every penny. In a self-defense situation with your handgun, the time it takes you to acquire your target – especially in a low-light or no-light situation – can decide whether you survive the encounter or not.