Quick Answer: Where Are A Deer’s Vitals?

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How big is a deer’s vitals?

For example, an average whitetail deer weighing about 125 pounds, viewed broadside, has a heart/lung area generally estimated give you a circle of around 10″ in diameter at which to shoot.

Where do you shoot a deer quartering to you?

Shot Angles—Quartering-Toward

  • The quartering-toward shot angle is when your target is facing toward you, but at an angle.
  • Firearm hunters should use the chest area above the near front leg as the aiming point for an effective hit.
  • Bowhunters should avoid this shot because the vital areas are protected by bone.

Where is the kill shot on a deer?

Broadside Presentation: The Ideal Choice for a Humane Kill

Whether you are shooting a bullet or an arrow, a well-placed shot just behind the shoulder, right at or above the point created by the shoulder, will do devastating damage to both lungs and the heart.