Question: Who Is Loki’s Love Interest?

In the myths he has his Wife Sigyn, who he has two sons with.

Before that he had many love affairs including with Angrboda the Giantess (who he had three children with), Tyr’s wife and also Lady Sif.

Loki once even changed into female form and lived on Earth for eight years and had children with an unknown human man.

Who is Loki’s wife?


Who is Thor’s love interest in the comics?

Named “Jane Nelson” in her first two appearances, she went on to appear as the love interest of Dr. Donald Blake, the secret identity of the Norse god superhero Thor, in nearly every issue through #136 (Jan.

What is Loki’s real name?

Born on February 9, 1981, in London, England, actor Tom Hiddleston has a gift for playing the evil villain. His turn as Loki, the sinister brother of the hammer-wielding god Thor—played by Chris Hemsworth—in the blockbusters Thor and The Avengers, has turned him into a star.2 Apr 2014

Does Loki love Thor?

Loki wants to be loved, but not at the expense of his selfishness. His nature both pulls him to Thor for acceptance and pushes him away before Thor can hurt him again. Nowhere is this more obvious than in Thor: The Dark World.10 Nov 2017