Question: Why Are Carbon Nanotubes So Expensive?

Carbon nanotubes are supermaterials that can be stronger than steel and more conductive than copper.

The reason they’re not in every application from batteries to tires is that these amazing properties only show up in the tiniest nanotubes, which are extremely expensive.

How do you make carbon nanotubes?

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What are carbon nanotubes useful for?

CNTs can act as antennas for radios and other electromagnetic devices. Conductive CNTs are used in brushes for commercial electric motors. They replace traditional carbon black. The nanotubes improve electrical and thermal conductivity because they stretch through the plastic matrix of the brush.

Why carbon nanotubes are used in coating?

Use of Carbon Nanotubes in Corrosion-Control Coatings

These coatings have enhanced strength and electrical conductivity due to the inclusion of CNTs, while also incorporating sacrificial metal particles (e.g., Zn, Al, Mg) for corrosion inhibition via cathodic protection.

How much does it cost to make carbon nanotubes?

A new method is capable of reducing the price of carbon nanotubes from $100 – $700 US to just $15 to $35 US for each gram, much lower than world market prices.